When were you born :3

Edit: Oh my bad, I thought you said where. Lol. I was born dec 3, 1993. 20 yrs old. Bleh


kj - I can still taste your lips

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kj - still missing you

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You probably answered this 56383729 times but what hair dye do you use?

Adore in aquamarine and a little bit of pravana in blue and mix it in a bunch of white conditioner.

Post more selfies!

Mehhhhh. Okay. ^.^

omg omg you can have me ok. take me meeee. gosh you're so perfect i'd do anything to be your friend ugh

Aw haha I wish. You don’t happen to live in Miami fl do you? Lol

I have no one and that’s really sad.

Ash Stymest for Λllegri ℂollection 2014

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